Michael Douglas Throat Cancer – Treatment Options And Prognosis

Much in the news for his recently diagnosed Stage 4 throat cancer, actor Michael Douglas is proving to be an inspiration for so many with his Stand up and Fight attitude to his cancer. He will participate in the CNN TV program of the same name which will also involve other celebs such as Christina Applegate, Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, Michael C Hall, Gabrielle Union, Jim Parsons, Mandy Moore and others.

throat cancerThe treatment options for throat cancer depend on several factors – the stage and the location of the cancer, the type of cancer cells, the person’s age and personal health as well as preferences as to kind of treatment. These options should be discussed with the doctor.

As for the prognosis of the film star himself, it is pretty good considering that his is a stage four cancer. The man is upbeat and this is a good sign. His particular kind of cancer, which was detected only, last month following throat and ear pain, responds well to chemo and radiation combination therapy.

There will be problems – mouth sores, eating through a tube, severe pain, and the side effects of the radiation will form part of the treatment but it is likely that the actor will make a full recovery.

Two immediate lifestyle changes are recommended for those with throat cancer – quitting smoking and drinking.