Ways to Deal with Changes in Appearance due to Cancer

Cancer is a life threatening disease which must be cured as soon as it is diagnosed to avoid the multiplication of the cancerous cells and their spreading to neighboring organs as well. To do so, cancer patients have to undergo some tough and aggressive treatments which can not only take a toll on the mental health of the patient but also on the physical appearance.

changes in appearance due to cancer

Hair loss is just one of the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy. Besides hair loss, some other changes which a patient might have to undergo are skin damage, weakness, weight loss due to loss in appetite and swelling of body parts. The treatment can result in huge change in appearance, so much so that the patient might develop an inferiority complex. But it is very important that one learns to deal with these changes rather than feeling sorry or sad about them. Here’s what can be of help.

  • One of the ways to cope up with the change in appearance is by taking advice from cancer survivors about how they managed to deal with the changes.
  • Another way is to go to therapy and speak out your mind to be able to sort out your thoughts and feelings.
  • Preparing for your own responses before the changes strike is also a good way to deal with comments and questions of people around you.
  • Make sure you do not let anyone’s negative comments affect you in any way. Just remember that no one wants to hurt you but everyone is just perplexed about your appearance and is showing concern.
  • Understand that it is okay to feel sad or depressed by such a chance since it is natural. Remember that you have survived a deadly disease and that’s worth applauding.

Practical ways to deal with change in appearance:

Some of the practical ways to cope up or deal with changes after cancer treatment include:

  • Wearing a wig is a good idea to hide the hair fall or hair loss. You can also try wearing a scarf around your head to do so.
  • You can talk to your physician about ways to cure the skin damage which is caused due to radiation therapy.
  • Another way to do so is to change your appearance completely. Try enhancing your looks using new clothes, makeup and change in hairstyle.
  • If you have undergone breast cancer treatment, then you can opt for prosthetic breast form.

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