Be Cautious With Uterus Cancer That Mainly Affects Your Reproductive System!

Uterus plays the most critical role in woman’s reproductive system. Any abnormal growth in the lining of the uterus can possibly leads to uterus cancer, which can probably ruin your precious life.

So, to avoid all complications of your uterus, try to know more about it and be more conscious about your overall health.

Uterus cancer is a common gynecological cancer that affects most of the women all over the world. It usually develops in the body of the uterus, a hollow organ located in lower abdomen.

Role of estrogen and progesterone in developing uterus cancer!

More often, uterus cancer mainly results due to higher levels of estrogen without balancing levels of progesterone in your body.

The estrogen level in your body mainly promotes the growth of tissue and rapidly increases the cell division in the lining of your uterus. So, to control the levels of estrogen in your body, progesterone is very essential for your body.

Particularly, during your regular menstrual cycle, the secretion of estrogen hormone is significantly increased in your body.

So, experiencing early menstrual periods during your entire course of your life can certainly increase the risk of uterus cancer.

Therefore, it is very essential for you to maintain necessary estrogen and progesterone balance in your body to prevent the development of cancerous growth in your uterus.

Potential triggers that can increase your risk of uterus cancer!

Some of the most important factors, which can increase your risk of developing uterus cancer mainly include:

  • Early start of menstrual cycle and late menopause after 52 years of age can certainly develop uterus cancer.
  • Various menstrual problems like excessive bleeding, spotting between menstrual periods or long intervals without periods.
  • Various infertility problems, higher doses of drugs that mainly include higher estrogen levels can also cause cancerous growth in your uterus.
  • If you have any family history of ovarian, large intestine or breast cancer, then you are considered to be at high risk of developing uterus cancer.

So, be aware with all these factors. If at all you possess any of these risk factors, try to be more cautious.

Eat healthy balanced food that improves your progesterone levels, which compensates the increased estrogen levels in your body. Include more physical activity in your regular routine and try to live a healthy balanced life.