Early Uterine Cancer Diagnosis Possible With New Findings

According to the research carried out in University of Gothenburg, Sweden, a gene has now identified that may simplify future diagnosis of the uterine cancer in women. Uterine cancer is most common form of gynecological malignancy in west.

Cancer is a genetic disease that takes place when there is change in genes that regulates cell division, cell growth, cell death, blood vessel formation and cell signaling or due to other inherited changes.

With this interaction between environmental factors and defensive genes it is understood that cancer is extremely complex disease and cancer of uterus is of no exception.

It is believed that cancer of uterus is most common form of gynecological malignancy in women in west and it is responsible for between 5% and 6% of all cancers in Swedish women.

However, the symptoms of uterine cancer are vague in most cases and we know very little about the genetic factors that lead to the appearance and development of this form of cancer.

Hence it is very important that genes responsible for uterine cancer are identified, which can help the doctors in diagnosing the condition much quickly and also easily. This can help the doctors to offer much more effective treatment for uterine cancer.

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