5 Ways To Help Breast Cancer Survivors Deal With Their Second Life

Being one of the lucky breast cancer survivors is already a wonderful blessing. Not all breast cancer patients are given a second chance at life.

If you know anyone, your relative or friend, who is able to survive breast cancer, you should come up with ways to help her deal with her second life. Doing so can do a lot to help her stand back on her feet again.

Breast cancer survivors had been through a lot. They had experienced emotional, mental, and physical pains from the time they were diagnosed until their treatments.

A second chance at life means a lot to them and knowing you’re there is an added bonus. They need every help they can get especially in facing their new life ahead.

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology and breakthroughs in the medical world, there are more breast cancer survivors at present compared before.

The survival rate had increased ever since new treatments were discovered and breast cancer awareness programs were implemented.

Here are five very easy ways you can help breast cancer survivors:

1. Treat them normally

Contrary to what you may believe, breast cancer survivors don’t want to be treated any other way. They want you to see them just like normal people. Treat them like you would anybody else. They don’t want to be reminded of how they used to be so helpless and dependent on others.

2. Be supportive

Breast cancer survivors will likely to do the things they missed doing before. You can give your support by being there for them. They may ask you to go places with them or help them find a job. You can help a lot by simply being there too.

3. Give encouragements

Once you had breast cancer, your self esteem and confidence were also put to the test. You can help breast cancer survivors boost their personality by giving encouragements. Never let them down. Instead, encourage them to think positively.

4. Listen

One effective way for survivors to deal with their new life is by talking about their past. They want to get everything out of their chests. Your role is to listen to them.

You may serve as a shock absorber but in a way, you help them in more ways than one. In addition, listening to what they’ve been through can help you understand breast cancer more.

5. Do your part

The best way to help breast cancer survivors is to sign up for foundations or organizations that help them. You can donate money or do your part by supporting their programs. You can attend breast cancer walks and campaigns together with the survivors.

It is not easy being a breast cancer survivor. You have to understand that they’ve been through a lot and they will appreciate whatever you can contribute to help them deal with their second life.