Caring and Supporting a Friend with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the breast cells. Causes include genetics, age, obesity and few more. It is not easy to deal with cancer and the mental stress that a person goes through during cancer is incomparable. Whether you believe it or not, a simple encouraging smile from your side can make your friend who is suffering from cancer feel better. There are various other simple things that you can do and you should do to make her feel optimistic and happy in life and not feel sorry about her current state.

caring and supporting a friend with breast cancer

If you know someone suffering from breast cancer, then here are few tips to care for her:

Support her Decisions

Dealing with breast cancer or for that matter any cancer is not easy. It involves numerous therapies like radiation, lumpectomy or mastectomy and there are many women who choose to have bilateral mastectomy in order to stay safe. Taking such decisions is not easy and you might feel yourself to be under qualified to give her advice. There is nothing that you need to worry about and your friend does not expect you to be a medical expert. All she wants is your support and listen to everything that she has to say without giving any judgments. Make her feel that you will be with her no matter what decision she takes and support her emotionally as much as possible.

Accompany her for Appointments

It is not fun to go for cancer appointments and no matter how many times she tells you not to bother and that she can handle it alone, do not listen to her. Accompany her each time she needs to visit the doctor.

Talk to her About her Breast Openly

Breasts play an important role in sex life and the thought of mastectomy can be really terrifying. Assure your friend about her looks and if it is your wife, tell her that she would look great without her breast/s. Hug her and listen to her if required.

Be her Strongest Advocate

Cancer treatment usually involves a lot of side effects and a time might come when your friend is unable to get out of bed, feel sick, have blisters and your job during this time is to be an advocate. Stay by her side and talk to doctors and nurse about all possible ways to make her feel comfortable.