Estrogen Can Be The Main Cause For Breast Cancer Recurrence

After analyzing blood samples from the breast cancer patients which have experienced recurrence, it was discovered that the estrogen level has risen in spite of the constant administration of estrogen blocking medication.

This is how it was concluded that if the estrogen level inside the breasts of the cancer patients is high, the chances she will have a recurrence are also high.

The study that concluded this was initially based on the lack of clear information in relation with the link between the estrogen levels and the breast cancer recurrence especially in the patients that were treated with estrogen blocking medication like Tamoxifen.

The doctors showed that the patients who have survived the breast cancer must be very careful in keeping the estrogen level under control through regular physical exercise, keeping an ideal body weight.

The Tamoxifen treatment has succeeded in reducing the chances that the cancer survivors would develop a new recurrence by 50%, but in spite of this anti-estrogen medication, the estrogen level is not always reduced sufficiently.

In the process of proving the theory that estrogen is responsible for the breast cancer recurrence there were monitored over 3088 cancer survivors which were completely out of danger during the study being compared with another segment of 153 women who were cured for more than seven years.

Based on their age, ethnicity, body type and chemo treatment, it was concluded that more than 78% of the cases were estrogen based cancers and also that this type of breast cancer does not appear or evolve in the absence of high estrogen levels.

The estrogen levels in the blood of the women suffering from the recurrence of breast cancer were two times bigger than the ones that did not experienced a recurrence and also the treatment response was very different from what the doctors were expecting.

The lifestyle of these women, the way they psychologically responded to the post cancer therapy in cooperation with the medication has underlined once more that estrogen levels can become a real danger unless monitored carefully and kept under control.

Since physical exercise have been proved to be the main estrogen burner contributing to maintaining a optimal body weight, it was established as the right change in the lifestyle of healed breast cancer patients.

The relation between body weight and breast cancer has not yet been proved but the researches tend to bend the balance towards a healthy weight being the right recipe to keep the estrogen in line and breast cancer recurrence away.