Top 6 Symptoms That Indicate Breast Cancer

Cancer is one of the fastest growing cause of deaths in the world. The most common type of cancer include – lung cancer,colorectal cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer and breast cancer. In the United States, it has been found that breast cancer is among the most conventional forms of cancer in women, after skin cancer. Few rare cases of breast cancer can be found in men too. Be it breast cancer or any other type of cancer, the way of living life, behavior pattern, food habits; or we can call them as the ‘environmental factors’ are one of the main sources for cancer cells to develop in one’s body.

Here are 6 symptoms of breast cancer that should not be left unnoticed: –

Breast cancer takes birth from the breast tissues. Some symptoms can be seen when there is a change in the shape of the breast, a lump form in the breast, the breast skin dimples or when fluids come out from the nipple.

Top 6 Symptoms That Indicate Breast Cancer

  • When a lump develops in one of the breast or maybe both or the area around our collarbone and is disparate from the existing breast tissues, it is referred to as an early visible symptom of breast cancer. Formation of lumps in breasts is also termed as ‘Fibrocystic breast disease’.
  • Another symptom of breast cancer includes the thickening of breast tissues in which either of the breasts becomes larger or smaller or in which the nipple transforms its size or becomes inverted, the skin around the nipple also tends to dimple in most of the cases.
  • The third symptom of breast cancer can be the formation of a scaly red patch or pit on the skin of the breast. Rashes may also form on or around the nipple skin.
  • Coming to the fourth symptom, fluids can discharge from the nipple which will most probably contain blood.
  • The next symptom can be apain in or around the breast or in the armpit that would not change for a long time or with the monthly cycle.
  • Last but not the least, is the symptom of the flaking of nipple skin, its pigmentation or discoloration which may cause itchiness, swelling and skin irritation.

We can also experience vaginal pain, unexpected weight loss, visible breast veins, enlarged lymph nodes as symptoms of late stages of breast cancer.

Breast cancer, in comparison to other types of cancer, requires a huge amount of attention and resources. As the cost of cancer treatment has risen by 10%, many people affected with cancer are unable to afford the cost of their treatment.

So, in order to ignore a financial stigma and an unhealthy life, people are suggested to lead a healthier life with proper exercise and diet. Any unusual change in our breasts should be right away informed to our doctor. The cost of cancer treatment at an early stage is quite less than its treatment at the last stage. Cancer, in general, has no evident cure but precautions can at least be taken beforehand as ‘Prevention is better than cure’.