5 Unknown Shocking Causes of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that occurs in most of the women. But we do not know what causes and what the risk of developing breast cancer. Being a women there are many things that you should be concerned about few of them includes career, sexual and reproductive health, etc.Breast cancer is most commonly found in women who have reached their menopause or crossed 50 years or older than 50 years of age. But, breast cancer can also develop from teens to thirties; you can talk to your gynaecologist about this, if you find any lumps in your breast. There is a rare case of developing breast cancer in younger girls than aged women.
Cancer can occur anytime and there are many factors of developing breast cancer such as smoking, age, exposure to certain harmful chemicals, etc.5 Unknown Shocking Causes of Breast Cancer

Unknown causes of Breast cancer

Here are some unknown and shocking reasons or causes of breast cancer.

  • Early Menstruation

Each girl’s biological schedule differs, but the commonly on an average range a girl starts her period from 10 to 15 years old. Though it’s in average range, the women who menstruate before the age of 12 are at a higher risk for developing breast cancer, this is because their bodies have carry on more hormones for longer period of time.

  • Alcohol

Smoking can drinking is injurious to health and continuing this for longer period of time can lead to different types of cancers including breast cancer. Many studies have proved that women who are taking alcohol, more than three drinks in a week are at the risk of developing breast cancer and other types of cancer by 15 percent.

  • Birth Control

Birth control pills have been proven that it can reduce the risk of developing ovarian and uterine cancer. Many birth control pills, use hormones when consume in high dose lead to discourage a pregnancy, an act which some argue over stimulates breast cells, thus increasing the risk of developing and multiplying the breast cells. Studies have shown that consuming high dose of estrogens or birth control pills study are linked to a higher risk of developing breast cancer in many younger girls.

  • Dense Breasts

The dense breasts are mainly composed of less fatty tissue, which can be little complicated to get the results from a mammogram. Mammogram is a device which takes x ray pictures of the breast. It is used to ensure that women who are having no signs and symptoms. If you have dense breast it will be more difficulty to recognize and locate tumour.

  • Lack of Pregnancy

Pregnancy and breast cancer are inter-related to each other. Some studies have shown that women are who carry full to term pregnancies before the age 20 are at a lower risk of developing breast cancer, while those who have their first full-term pregnancy after 30 years of age they have high chances of developing breast cancer.

The women who have never give birth are also at the risk of developing breast cancer. There is no proper reason of this cause but the menstruation, hormones and breast cancer are interrelated. The women who experience many full-term pregnancies have fewer periods the reason is they are pregnant for 9 months and it reduces the menstruation rate, which shows impact on their hormones. Long time breastfeeding reduces the risk, because the formation of new cells takes place and it gets mature to get ready to make milk.