Fish Oil to Help Cancer Patients Combat Weight Loss

One of the many undesirable side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy is the fact that there is a lot of muscle loss/weight loss observed among cancer sufferers.

fish oil supplementsThis is due to the fact that chemotherapy tends to rob people of their appetite and also dulls their sense of taste.

And according to a new study published in the oncology journal Cancer, there could be hope in the form of fish oil which could help counter weight loss.

A study was conducted by the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada in respect of those who had non-small-cell lung cancer in the early stages and it was found that a majority of those who took fish oil supplements in addition to receiving standard treatment for their disease had better outcomes in terms of weight loss.

The omega 3 fatty acid content of the fish oil supplements was seen to help cancer patients prevent weight loss or in some cases, even help them gain weight.

What was an important finding of this study was the fact that the group of cancer sufferers who were taking the fish oil supplements, were seen to have lost less muscle mass.