Statistics in USA for Different Cancer

Cancer is a malignancy which affects most of the world and specially USA very severely. Cancer statistics predict what type of cancer affects the people most. It also makes us aware of the encumbrance that people are facing due to cancer in the society.

Cancer statistics tell us how many people are affected each year with cancer, how many people fight and survive and how many people die because of this terminal disease. Every year almost half a million lives are lost in USA while fighting cancer. Cancer is the second most popular cause of death after cardiac arrest in USA and takes one in every four lives.

According to the Incidence and Mortality Web-based report, which is based on research done by United States Cancer Statisticsstates that, in 1999-2014, around 591,686 lives were claimed by Cancer in 2014. The overall death rate dropped around 25% from 1991 to 2014.

Statistics in USA for Different Cancer

The most common types of cancer in USA are:

−     Endometrial Cancer

−     Kidney Cancer

−     Leukemia

−     Liver

−     Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

−     Pancreatic Cancer

−     Prostate Cancer

−     Thyroid Cancer

−     Bladder Cancer

−     Breast Cancer

−     Colon and Rectal Cancer

−     Lung Cancer

−     Melanoma

These common cancers were deduced based on the fact that there must be at least 40,000 cases of each type of cancer around the States. These were deduced by the American Cancer Society for the year 2017 in Cancer incidence and mortality statistic reports.

  • Breast cancer was listed as the most common type of cancer. It has more than 255000 new cases registered under it in the year 2017 in America alone.
  • Since colon and rectal cancer often occur together and are collectively known as colorectal cancer, they were counted together. There were around 95,520 cases registered under colon cancer alone and 39,910 cases under rectal cancer. Collectively they had a total of 135,430 cases under colorectal cancer.
  • The next common cancer detected among people of America was Lung Cancer including Bronchus which had 222,500 new cases. It claimed almost around 155,870 deaths alone in 2017 according to the Cancer Incidence and Mortality Statistics Reports by American Cancer Society.
  • Prostate cancer alone had 161,360 new cases reported under it and caused 26,730 deaths alone.
  • Around 1,688,780 new cancer cases were registered in 2017 and around 600,920 deaths were estimated to have happened in United States due to cancer.
  • For all the statistical data combined, men were found to have a 20% more cancer rate than in women, while around 40% more death rates were reported in men than in women. However, these differences in sex ratios vary according to the type of cancer. For example, women were reported to acquire thyroid cancer three times more than men i.e. 21 women and 7 men among a population of 100,000 despite the fact that death rates were equal among both.
  • The overall incidence rate of cancer was reported to be stable among women over the past decade and there was approximately 2% declination in incidence rate among men. Cancer death rates have declined in the past decade at an annual rate of 1.5% among men and women combined.

Cancer is a deadly disease and claims more than a million lives every year alone in USA. Awareness about its diagnosis and treatment must be spread to reduce the number of lives it claims.