Bill Henderson And His Story

Bill HendersonLosing his wife to ovarian cancer 15 years ago, was a life altering event for Bill Henderson who, in 1994, after his wife succumbed to her cancer after a 4 year struggle, had the dawning realization that it was the treatment that she received rather than the actual cancer that caused her death.

He has since explored the options for alternative treatments for cancer and claims to have found 350! He is widely read author of Cure Your Cancer and Cancer – Free.

Henderson’s view is that the system used by mainstream therapy to cure cancer is actually toxic and which makes victims of the cancer sufferers. The alternatives posited by Henderson are non toxic and have no side effects as per the about page of his website. The website also states that Henderson has helped over three thousand people become cancer free.

There is a free newsletter that you can sign up for, and apart from the book there is also available telephone coaching for those that require it.

Henderson has a radio talk show as well that he uses to spread his message of alternative cancer therapy that claims to help people work around the hurdles that mainstream medicine places in the way of cancer sufferers.