8 Important Chemo Tips for Beginners

Chemo is petrifying, even for the biggest optimist. To help you out, we have listed few great tips that can help your chemo experience run smoothly.
8 Important Chemo Tips for Beginners
  1. Go to the dentist
    Did you know that chemo could make your teeth week? Book an appointment with your dentist and be sure to attend the schedule before you begin the treatment. You can use some specific mouthwash and special toothpaste during the chemo week or chemo days.
  2. Find out about disabled parking
    Many places offer disabled parking for patients, contact the concerned person to find out if you qualify and how to apply getting a parking permit could prevent you from having to walk long distance when you are not feeling well. And you can also save money in the process.
  3. Drink lots of water
    Chemotherapy is very dehydrating. So, drink lots of water the day before treatment. Drinking plenty of fluids can alleviate dealings of nausea, minimize chapped lips, and hydrate before a blood test will make it easier for nurses to access veins.
  4. Pick a chemo bag
    Include anything that will help make the experience pleasant. Your bag should include essentials, such as a sweater, Chap Stick, and water bottle and can also include books, a laptop, and headphones, snacks and games.
  5. Bing a buddy to chemo
    If you are in a chemo room, bring a friend or family member to keep your company for the duration. Have your buddy bring entertainment as well in case you want to rest a bit during treatment. Having someone to chat with can pass the time and alleviate your fears.
  6. Moisturize your skin
    Chemotherapy can make your skin dry and irritated, so be sure to moisturize every day. Starting a week before beginning chemo. Creams and moistures are better than lotions as they have a thicker consistency and are more effective at relieving dry skin.
  7. Eat snacks and small meals
    Chemo can make you lose your appetite, but you need to eat to be strong. Instead of eating three large meals, divide them up into 5 or 6 smaller ones. If you are feeling nauseated, eat small snacks like crackers, cereal and ginger ale are easy to digest and can help settle an upset stomach.
  8. Paint your nails
    Chemo damages all rapidly dividing cells, not just the cancerous ones. Painting your nails before treatment sessions may help preserve them. Tea tree oil can also help, but be sure to consult with your doctor first as it is not advisable for all types of cancer.

    How to prepare on chemo day?

  • Shop the entire healthy food list before chemo day.
  • Wear warm, comfortable clothes and bring a pillow and blanket.
  • You can also bring books, laptops, movies, cards, etc.
  • Pick healthy snacks like fruits, coconut water, etc.
  • Check all your blood reports before you start chemo.
  • Pick up all your medicines before the appointment.
  • Ask the conserved person to provide an IV bag of anti-nausea medicine after your chemo.

Stay strong and positive.