Learn all about Ayurvedic Cancer treatment

The seamless advancement medical technology is yet to find answers for remedies to treat fatal diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and the list of auto-immune and hematological disorders. Treating these diseases, especially cancer has become a big challenge for all the researchers and physicians over the world owing to the complex nature of such diseases.

Many techniques have already been followed to treat cancer like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy, blood transfusion and interferon therapy; however the success is only till limiting the immediate complications and propagation of cancer. One big factor that again is the cause of unsuccessful cancer cases is the huge costs involved.

Ayurveda has come as a big relief to cancer patients as it has shown remarkable improvement in the health of the patients and also does not bring any further health troubles.

ayurvedic cancer treatmentThe Ayurvedic Concept of Cancer Healing –

Ancient Ayurvedic classics have evidence that patients who resembled the clinical symptoms of cancers were given disease names like Gulma, Granthi, Apachi, and Arbuda. Since then this form of medicine relied on natural substances to heal cancer patients.

Ayurvedic principles work on the excruciating pain experienced by the dying cancer patients. Ayurvedic management in cancer is based on four basic principles – namely palliative, prophylactic, curative and supportive. By improving the quality of living Ayurveda can help cancer patients in the following ways –

Added Natural Medicine

The Ayurvedic preparations can be easily and safely used additionally as a co therapy to the original ongoing treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Ayurvedic medicines are also extremely effective in post-surgery care.

Reduces Side Effects

Cancer patients experience host of side effects, when the harsh treatments are ongoing. Some of them are mood swings, loss of hair, loss of appetite and weight, depression etc. Ayurvedic medicine guarantees to minimise theses side effects. Taking the natural path of healing, the immense pain of cancer can also be reduced.

Can Reduce the Strength of Drugs

Many cancer therapies need excessively high dosage of injections and medicines that is often difficult for the patients to digest; Ayurveda can reduce the therapeutic doze of these drugs used using cow urine. It will be safe and effective for the patient.

Slows Down the Spreading of Cancer

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy at times can increase the possibility of cancer propagation in other parts of the body. But these therapies are a compulsion as well; in such cases Ayurvedic medicines are suggested to slow down the progress of the cancer.

Ayurvedic herbs reduce the three doshas or the related imbalances of pitta, vaata, and kapha. Here is a short list of Ayurvedic medicine for some specific type of common cancers –

  • Brain Cancer -Mandukaparni and Kastoori Bhairav
  •  Lung Cancers – Pippali and Hirak Rasayan
  • Stomach Cancers – Aloe-Vera, Shatavari, Amlaki, Banga Bhasma etc
  • Female Genital Cancers – Ashoka and Vaikranta Bhasma
  • Mail Genital Cancers – Triphala and Makardhvaja
  • Liver Cancers – Arogyavardhini and Bhumvamalaki
  • Blood Cancer – Anantmula and Suvarna Vasant Malti Rasa
  • Bone Cancers – Aabha Gugglu and Madhu Malini Vasant Rasa
  • Breast Cancers – Gojivha and Chinchabhallataka
  • Skin Cancers – Manjishtha, Samira Panaga Rasa, Gandhak Rasayan etc