Pap Smear For Early Detection Of Cervical Cancer

Do you know cervical caner is responsible for most of the deaths in cancer patients? Actually, cervical cancer can be easily treated, if detected early. So, the best way to detect cervical abnormalities is through Pap smear test.

A Pap smear also detects simple changes in your cervical cell that may lead to cancer or other abnormalities in future. Regular Pap test and pelvic exams can help you long way to detect various cervical abnormalities.

When should you go for Pap smears?

Many doctors suggest that a woman should have Pap test after 3 years of starting sexual intercourse or when you reach 21 years. After that, it would be better for you to have Pap smears once in every 3 years.

However, if you have had hysterectomy for the removal of uterus and cervix, you need not go for any cervical cancer screenings.

Is there any risk involved?

Pap smear for cervical cancer screening is completely risk free procedure, provided if you are getting it done with experienced practitioner. Even though it is painful, it takes only few seconds.

The procedure involved in performing Pap smear is as simple as scraping some cells in cervix and then they are sent to laboratory for further cancer screenings.