What Is Renal Cell Cancer?

renal cell cancerRenal cell cancer, also known as renal cell carcinoma, is a disease in which malignant cells are found in the lining of the small tubes in the kidney.

These small tubes clean and filter the blood by removing the waste products and producing urine.

Renal cell cancer is due to smoking and misuse of some pain-relieving medications such as over-the-counter medicines for long periods.

Certain genetic conditions like hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma or von Hippel-Lindau disease can also lead to renal cell cancer.

The most common signs of renal cell cancer include: blood in your urine, lump in your abdomen, loss of appetite, pain in the side that won’t go away, rapid weight loss, night sweats, unexplained fevers and anemia.

Based on the stage when cancer is diagnosed and treated, there are various treatments available. Usually, the therapies that are used for cancer treatment include: surgery, hormone therapy, radiation therapy and biological therapy. Based on the stage, you are required single or a combination of therapies.

Usually, surgery is the best option for renal cell cancer. The best way to avoid renal cell cancer is to stop smoking. Consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet helps to sustain healthy weight and also decrease the threat of cancer.