Childhood Leukemia Support

For a parent, it can be the most heart rending of moments when one is told that their child suffers from leukemia; which is the most commonly occurring cancerous affliction among children.

At a time like this, parents may feel, horrified, helpless, angry, confused and anxious, so that they may look for help to come to terms with the devastating news.

They may also need help with how to deal with the medical and other treatments. In this regard, support groups and forums of others who are undergoing similar trauma can be comforting and helpful as well:

Childhood Leukemia Foundation is an American national non-profit organization based in New Jersey which can help with camp scholarships as well as financial aid.

Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan was an organization created by parents to offer compassionate support for parents and children with leukemia. Information about services, FAQs and scheduled events are available at the website.

National Children’s Leukemia Foundation group offers support, services, and referrals for leukemia patients and their families. There is a help line, and access to leukemia related information and resources.

One Voice Accross America – A Ride To Fight Childhood Cancer Bobby, a 19 year old survivor of childhood leukemia is the force behind this website, who is also involved in a fund raiser for childhood cancer by doing a 4,300 mile cross-country bike ride. Many helpful resources are available at this site as well.