Home Remedies To Ease The Effects Of Lung Cancer

home remedyLung cancer is one of the foremost chronic diseases resulting in a high number of fatalities annually.

Like all other cancers, lung cancer is caused by the rapid and uncontrolled development of abnormal cells.

It starts in the lungs and the abnormal cell activity leads to the growth of tumors which sometimes spread to other body organs creating a critical health condition.

Conventional cancer therapies have traditionally employed much usage of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which have been associated with side effects such as loss of appetite, headaches, nausea, vomiting and loss of hair.

Some of these side effects are harsh and take a toll on patients. While drugs are available to combat these side effects, increasingly, medical practitioners as well as patients have been exploring alternative treatment therapies.

As with most other cancers, fatigue is a constant condition that you must grapple with. Massage is an effective home remedy that can be applied to alleviate fatigue.

Ginger is a widely utilized herb and is well known for its efficacy in combating side effects such as nausea.

Garlic, which is a natural antibiotic boosts immunity and offers increased protection from germs. If you are able to withstand the extremely strong flavor, chew a clove or two of fresh garlic daily. Or use a garlic press to extract the juice and drink it.

Both garlic and ginger are said to be very effective in cleaning the blood of impurities and garlic, in particular, improves the working functions of white blood cells.

The intensive cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy along with prescription medications result in a higher presence of impurities and waste in the blood, so using garlic and ginger can help in purifying.

Asparagus root juice, if taken thrice daily, is also said to be useful in relieving the side effects of lung cancer. The juice can be obtained by boiling a handful of the roots in water.

Home remedies are popular forms of alternative therapy and while their treatment capacity remains inconclusive, many people have reported high efficacy and continue to use them.

Whenever you opt for home remedies, bear in mind that these are not cures, per se, but are beneficial as complimentary therapy.

A holistic approach is being adopted in treatment therapies nowadays, thus home remedies are one facet of a comprehensive integrated treatment strategy.

Remember also that maintaining healthy habits should be a way of life, whether you may be ill or of sound health. This is directly within our realm.

Thus, ensure that you always take in a well-balanced diet containing plenty of fresh fruits and cruciferous vegetables as these are thought to be effective in reducing the incidence of all cancer types.

Maintain healthy sleeping habits, and engage in regular physical activity, all of which play a fundamental role in managing your illness and boosting recovery.