The Real Truth About Smoking and Lung Cancer

Most people are aware about the link between smoking and lung cancer. But even inspite of knowing this fact, people go on smoking and believe in several myths associated with it. To start with, it is an established fact that smoking causes lung cancer. To know more about such real facts, you can read the following given information:

real truth about smoking and lung cancer

  • It is a fact that smokers had a nine-to-tenfold increased chance of developing lung cancer as compared to non-smokers.
  • Another study suggested that men who smoke are 23 times more likely to suffer from lung cancer as compared to those men who don’t. On the other hand, women who smoke are 13 times more likely to suffer from lung cancer as compared to those females who don’t.
  • The risk of developing lung cancer is directly related to the number of cigarettes smoked by a person. Infact the majority of lung cancers (50% or more) occur in those persons who have quit smoking.
  • There are over 50 chemicals in tobacco smoke which are known to be culprits for causing lung cancer. Some of these chemicals include nickel, arsenic, benzene and vinyl chloride.
  • There are several different types of lung cancers depending upon the smokers. Small cell lung cancers occur in those who smoke or have smoked. Non-small cell lung cancers are those lung cancers that occur in those who have smoked and are currently nonsmokers.
  • Many people wonder whether quitting smoking can help or not. It is a fact that it is never too late to quit smoking. If a person quits smoking before the age of 30 then he/she can lower down the risk to that of someone who has never smoked before. Quitting by the age of 50 halves the risk of developing lung cancer. Thus by quitting at any age, your risk of lung cancer can be reduced.
  • Even if a person has been diagnosed with lung cancer, then quitting even after that can help. Quitting smoking with lung cancer can make the surgery more successful and the overall smoking more effective and useful.

Apart from lung cancer, smoking can cause many other problems and diseases and may also lead to skin issues, oral health problems, stress in relationships and several other negative side effects. Thus avoid smoking and lead a healthy and happy life.