Spinal Cancer Symptoms

Before thinking about the spinal cancer symptoms, you should know that it is a malignant tumor on or near the spinal cord. The most common symptom of the condition of back pain, but you may know that this is a nonspecific symptom, so you should keep an eye out for other symptoms as well.

Spinal Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of spinal cancer

Usually the signs and symptoms of the condition depend on the type and location of the tumor. The symptoms usually appear as the tumor grows and as it affects the nerve roots and the spinal cord, bones and blood vessels of the spine.

Common signs of spinal cancer

The most common signs of the condition include back pain that can radiate to other parts of your body as well. It is also possible to experience muscle weakness or loss of sensation in the legs or the arms. The affected people may experience problems with walking and they could fall.


In case you are interested in the spinal cancer symptoms, it is good to know that people can have increased sensitivity to cold, heat and pain.

The bladder and bowel function may also be affected. Paralysis is possible in different degrees in various parts of the body depending on the nerves that are affected.

Back pain

The people thinking about the spinal cancer signs should know that back pain can be a sign of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. It is possible for the pain to spread to other body parts as well, including legs, hips, arms or feet that can become quite bad even if you receive treatment.


When it comes to the spinal cancer symptoms, you ought to know that the progress of the cancer is different. Generally speaking, the cancerous tumors have a faster growth. On the other hand, the noncancerous tumors usually grow more slowly.

Seeing a doctor

For sure you know that back pain can be caused by many different factors and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a warning sign of spinal cancer. You should see your doctor about the problem if the pain is progressive and persistent, and if it gets worse during the night or if it isn’t related to any activity.

It is important to know about the spinal cancer symptoms, because this is a problem that can affect just any person. You should go to your doctor if you think that you see any of the signs.