6 Most Common Myths Associated with Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is one of the most common types of cancer from which women suffer. Ovarian cancer is a form of cancer which begins in an ovary and results in the formation of abnormal cells which have the ability to spread to other parts of the body as well.

Ovarian cancer is diagnosed in about 20000 women in the US alone each year. Even inspite of the widespread cases of this cancer, there are many myths associated with it. The following are the 6 most common myths and beliefs associated with ovarian cancer:

myths associated with ovarian cancer1. I Don’t have a Family History of Ovarian Cancer, so I’m not at a Risk of Getting it

This is one of the most common myths which surrounds this cancer type. A lot of women believe that since they do not have a family history of ovarian cancer, they are totally immune from it. But in reality only 10-15 perfect women diagnosed have a family history of the disease.

2. Ovarian Cancer is Always Deadly

It is true that diagnoses of ovarian cancer is serious but it is not always fatal.  Surgery can increase the chance of survival and if taken in combination of medication, the chances or reoccurrence can also be reduced.

3. There are no Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

It is a common belief that there is no ways to detect ovarian cancer early on. But the truth is that there are many early symptoms such as difficult in eating, abdominal bleeding and change in urinary tendencies.

4. I have had Hysterectomy so I cannot Get Ovarian Cancer

A lot of women believe that if they have had the hysterectomy procedure then there are totally immune from getting ovarian cancer.  It is true that hysterectomy can reduce the chances considerably but there is still a slight chance of developing the cancer.

5. Ovarian Cysts Always Turn into Ovarian Cancer

Another myth is that ovarian cysts always grow into cancers. While in many cases, ovarian cysts tend to grow and develop into ovarian cancer, this may not always hold true. Studies show that majority of ovarian cysts do not grow into ovarian cancer.

6. Using Talcum Powder on the Genital Area can Cause Ovarian Cancer

Many females believe and think that applying talcum powder to the genital area can lead to developing of ovarian cancer but according to research and studies, there is no established link between the two.