How to Prevent Prostate Cancer? A Quick Guide

There is no sure shot method to prevent prostate cancer, but there are various things you can do to help reduce the risk. It is much complicated and research is still going on to understand and find out the safe and efficient methods on how to prevent prostate cancer.

how to prevent prostate cancerResearches are not clear about the nutritional guidelines either. However, you can reasonably trust these eating habits tips on how to prevent prostate cancer:

1. Avoid high fat foods and red meat: Prostate cancer risk is high in countries where people eat high fat foods and also red meat. Consuming a diet rich in saturated fats can keep you at high risk.

2. Avoid over eating: Consume foods in moderate proportions and keep your calorie intake under control.

3. Make healthy choices: Select whole grain foods like whole wheat bread and brown rice. Limit the intake of sweet and salt.

4. Don’t drink alcohol in high quantities: It is okay to drink moderate amounts of alcohol i.e. not more than one or two glasses a day.

5. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables: Diet rich in various kinds of fruits and vegetables keeps you at reduced risk of various types of cancers. Eat at least 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Recent studies conducted on how to prevent prostate cancer showed that eating tomatoes can reduce its risk as they contain antioxidants called as lycopene. Lycopenes kill free radicals in your body that change normal cells into cancerous cells.

6. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids: Eating foods containing omega-3 fatty acids such as herring, salmon, and mackerel can lower the risk of prostate cancer.

7. Consume soy foods and legumes: You will get phytoestrogens by eating soybeans and various other legumes. These are the plant based chemicals that act like a hormone estrogen in your body. Phytoestrogens help in prevention of prostate cancer. The risk of prostate cancer is lowest in Asian countries as they eat more soy products.

8. Drink green tea: Antioxidants such as polyphenoles found in green tea help to prevent various types of cancers and health difficulties.

9. Regular physical activity: 30 minutes of physical activity per day is most important for prostate health and also total body health.

10. Chemoprevention: It is the use of specific natural or man-made drugs, vitamins or other agents to reverse, prevent or suppress your cancer growth. Various agents such as selenium, lycopene, vitamins D & E, and isoflavonoids, can give wonderful benefits in prevention of prostate cancer.