Top 6 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer Among Children

If children are not provided sufficient protection, they can be very prone to suffer from skin diseases like skin cancer.  Skin cancer is not caused immediately but after several serious sunburns and thus if signs of skin burn or sun burn are identified soon, skin cancer can be prevented among children.

Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer Among Children

So the following are the 6 ways to prevent skin cancer in children.

1. One must understand that children with fair skin or complexion are more prone to sunburns and hence skin cancer. Thus those children with fair colored skin should be protected more from the sun.  But this doesn’t mean that those with dark complexion may not suffer from this disease at all and hence necessary precautions must be taken even by them.

2. Another way to prevent skin cancer among children is to apply generous amounts of sunscreen lotion on the entire skin surface of your child, especially the exposed parts like the face, neck, arms, feet etc.  The sunscreen must be atleast SPF 30 to prevent sun burns or skin cancer and it should be reapplied every 2 hours. In fact, the sunscreen must also be applied when the child is indoors.

3. Make sure that whenever your child steps out of the house, he/she is properly covered as much as possible.  Infact, ask your child to stay under shade as much as he/she can. If possible, ask the child to carry an umbrella

4. To avoid the risk of skin cancer, always ask your child to wear a cap or a hat whenever he/she steps out. The hat will protect the face, head and the neck from the sun rays and the harmful effects of the sun.

5. If possible, ask your child to wear sunglasses when he/she steps out of the home. Apart from the skin, the eyes too should be protected from the harmful effects of the sun and the sunglasses do exactly this. If this is done consistently, the child will get a hang of it and it will stop being so much of a problem in the future.

6. Do not allow our child to play out when the sun is at its peak.  The time between 10 am to 4 pm is the most dangerous time to step out in the sun and this is when your child should be indoors. The sun not only affects the skin but also drains the energy out of the child.

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