Do You Recognize The Signs Of Stomach Cancer? Identify It In Early Stages To Avoid Complications!

Do you know what can increase your risk of stomach cancer? No one knows the exact cause of stomach cancer. But, many doctors believe that people who consume more amounts of smoked, salted or pickled foods are at increased risk of developing stomach cancer.

Is it possible to avoid advanced stages of stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer can be instantly treated, if you identify it in early stages. So, here are certain manifestations that are involved with stomach cancer. So, if you succeed in identifying these symptoms, then it becomes very easy for you to treat this cancer.

  1. One early sign of cancer is microscopic internal bleeding, which is normally detected by the test that verifies your stool for the presence of blood in it.
  2. Whenever this loss of blood in your stool mainly involves too many healthy red blood cells of your body, you can feel tired frequently or usually suffer with anemia.
  3. In early stages of stomach cancer, you can also experience abdominal pain and heart burn, which is usually mistaken as other common health condition.

So, try to be more cautious about it and identify the early signs of this kind of cancer to avoid further complications associated with it.

Is it possible to prevent it?

Though it is quite difficult to prevent stomach cancer, here are certain steps which can help you to reduce the risks associated with it.

  1. Stay away from nitrites and nitrates: These major nitrogen compounds greatly contribute to stomach cancer. These important compounds of nitrogen are primarily found in certain processed meat foods such as corned beef, bologna and also salami. They are also found in certain cured meats like bacon and ham. So, try to stay away from these meat foods as much as possible.
  2. Restrict red meat: Consuming huge amounts of red meat, specifically when it is well-processed or barbecued, can increase your risk. Instead, you can prefer fish or other poultry foods.
  3. Avoid salted, smoked or pickled foods: Consuming more amounts of salted, smoked or pickled foods can certainly increase your risk of stomach cancer. So, try to stay away from these foods.

Apart from following these particular preventive measures, try to limit your alcohol consumption and don’t smoke too much. Include more fruits and vegetables in your regular diet, which not only prevents stomach cancer, but also improves your overall health condition.