Treatment for HPV Throat Cancer

In case you are interested in the treatment for HPV throat cancer, you should know that the researchers have found evidence according to which these kinds of cancers respond better to treatment than the cancers not connected to HPV. This fact promises new hope regarding the treatment of the condition.

Treatment for HPV Throat Cancer

Information regarding the throat cancer treatment of HPV



This is a kind of cancer that usually appears in case of people who chew or smoke tobacco. Nonetheless there are some other kinds of HPV, such as the one that leads to cervical cancer that can also cause throat cancer.

The throat cancer patients with HPV usually don’t drink or smoke and they have a better response to the treatments.

Radiation therapy

If you are interested in the HPV throat cancer cure, you should know that radiation therapy acts by delivering high energy beams to the cancer cells in order to kill them.

The therapy can use a large machine outside the body or small radioactive wires and seeds inside the body.


This treatment for HPV throat cancer is something like radiation therapy, but in this case chemicals are used to kill the tumor. It is common to use radiation therapy along with chemotherapy.

Some of the chemotherapy drugs can make the cancer cells more sensitive towards radiation therapy.

Targeted drug therapy

The people searching for the cure for HPV throat cancer should know that these drugs aim to kill the cancer cells by acting on their defects. One of the drugs used in this case is known to be Cetuximab. This prohibits a protein that fuels the growth of the cancer cells.

Surgery during the early stages

When it comes to the treatment for HPV throat cancer, it is good to know that if the cancer cells are located only on the vocal cords or on the surface of the throat, they can be removed through an endoscopic surgery. There is an endoscope inserted through your throat and different tools are used to scrape off the cancer cells.


If the tumor is small, the remedy for HPV throat cancer is to remove a part of or the entire voice box. It is possible that the patient will be able to breathe and speak normally after the procedure. If the tumor is larger, there might be need to remove the entire voice box.

As technology advances, the treatment for HPV throat cancer gets more advanced as well.