Improper Dietary Supplements Hinder Thyroid Cancer Treatment

According to new report, persons who are taking dietary supplements should be very careful, particularly those how are undergoing cancer treatment.

Care must be taken that Dietary supplements shouldn’t interfere with any medical treatment including cancer treatment.

Actually the case in point was a 55-year old adult being treated for thyroid cancer was supposed to be on low-iodine diet, which is a part of his thyroid cancer treatment. The researchers identified that selenium supplement that he was taking as a part of his thyroid cancer treatment contains kelp, which is rich source of iodine, as a result iodine levels in his body increased significantly.

According to Dr. Lewis E. Braverman, a professor of medicine at Boston University,” this particular thyroid cancer patient who already had surgery was treated with radioactive iodine. It is very crucial for him to take low iodine diet, which would result in uptake of radioactive iodine”.

As soon as the doctors discovered the source of iodine in his regular supplements for thyroid cancer treatment, they’ve stopped all 20-over the counter supplements that he was taking. Fortunately, after 8 weeks, the iodine level in his body dropped to normal and then he was again put on strict low iodine diet to get better results from the treatment.

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