Overcoming Mesothelioma And Asbestosis – New Treatments Available

mesotheliomaThose who have developed illnesses associated with asbestos inhalation can enjoy new treatment options.

New mesothelioma treatments have become available for those unfortunate enough to receive this disease.

With the proper treatments, mesothelioma actually can be cured and patients can continue to live a life with healthy lungs.

Treatments for asbestosis

The best way to get rid of asbestosis is to quit smoking. Vaccinations to protect yourself from flu viruses and blood thinning medications prevent blood clots from forming. There are also bronchodilators which can open up the bronchial tubes and make it easier for patients to breath.

Humidifiers and chest percussions can help make coughs more productive and acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be used to reduce the pain that comes from heavy coughing. What’s most important is that your lungs must be protected from mesothelioma.

Brand new mesothelioma treatments


Angiogenesis and anti-angiogenesis are two treatments that have been found to target the cancer cells within the lungs. These drugs work by trying to prevent the human body from supplying nutrients and oxygen to the tumor cells, starving them. Since these treatments are still being studied, the side effects of these treatments are not fully known.


New studies have found that the human body’s immune system is able to identify that cancerous cells are dangerous and must be destroyed. Immunotherapy works to strengthen the human body’s immune system in order to increase the strength of the human body’s immune system, allowing it to fight off mesothelioma naturally.

Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy uses light in order to destroy the tumor cells. A photosynthesizing drug is ingested. When this drug enters the cancerous cells, a laser light is directed towards the cells. The photosynthesizing drug is able to absorb the light and produce oxygen that destroys the cancer cells.

Gene therapy

Gene therapy is a cutting edge treatment that modifies the human body’s genes in order to cause the body to fight the cancerous cells naturally. There are some genes that have cancer-fighting properties. Not all patients have these genes, so gene therapy seeks to replace these genes with cancer-fighting genes.

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine has become a popular choice for many cancer patients. These treatments often use dietary restrictions and treatments such as  Chinese acupuncture in order to fight and reduce cancer cells.

Air purification

A recent report has shown that air purifiers might fight lung diseases. As air pollution has gradually been reduced over the past decade, researchers believe that Americans have gained an extra 5 years to their life spans.

Air purifiers can remove harmful air contaminants that contribute to lung disorders such as mesothelioma. An electronic air purifier can be used to keep your air even more clean than usual.

Those suffering from mesothelioma might also benefit from going on vacation to places where the air is very clean. Places that have the cleanest air include Tasmania, Hawaii, Iceland, South Africa, Tahiti, Samoa, Antarctica, Easter Island and New Zealand.