Ovarian Cancer Treatment Methods

You can use several ovarian cancer treatment methods, which are available for curing this disease. The ovaries are the part of the female reproductive system.

These ovaries produce the eggs or the ova and also the female sex hormones the estrogen and the progesterone.

Ovarian cancer is a disease in which normal ovarian cells begin to grow in an uncontrolled, abnormal manner and produce tumors in one or both ovaries.

The ovarian cancer is rated as the fifth in cancer deaths among the women. This is the most common disease in women. If detected early can be treated well for better recovery and survival rate but unfortunately most of the cases are detected in the advanced stage of the disease.

Like any other cancer the choice of ovarian cancer treatment and the long-term outcome (prognosis) for women who have ovarian cancer depends on the type and stage of cancer.

Apart from this the important factors which are considered or taken into account are the age, overall health, quality of life of the patient must be considered and if the patient desire to have children then the doctor should try and preserve the fertility.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment with Surgery

The ovarian cancer treatment method involves surgery. This surgery is done to first diagnose the presence of cancer as well as further treat the cancer.

This involves the removal of all the cancerous tissue and the surrounding area for diagnosis. If any residual cancer remains even after the diagnosis it is surgically treated. This is the initial treatment given to the ovarian cancer women.

This initial surgery not only removes the visible cancer but also aims to preserve the fertility of the women if she plans to bare children in future. Of course this will be possible depending on the condition of the patient as well as stage of the cancer.

The stage I and low-grade ovarian cancer patients have the probability of preserving their fertility if they plan to bare children in future. In such cases the surgery leaves behind the uterus and the healthy ovary so that it may be possible for the patient to become pregnant in future.

In case of advanced cases like the stage II, III, or IV the women who do not want to have children, then the surgery removes all the reproductive organs leaving no scope for further pregnancy.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment with Chemotherapy

Generally after the initial treatment through the surgery the patients are administered with anti cancer drugs. This method of treatment is chemotherapy. This method of ovarian cancer treatment is the most common among all stages of this disease. This method along with the surgical ovarian cancer treatment gives better outcomes.

Women unable to complete a full course of chemotherapy treatment forego treatment entirely or a part of it due to adverse side effects, but even an incomplete course may help women live longer.

The chemotherapy method of ovarian cancer treatment helps in killing the remaining cancer cells after the surgery is performed. The drugs may be administered orally or through the nerves intravenously. For better cure and ovarian cancer treatment a combination of drugs may be used.