Cancer Research and Development that Could Mean Fresh Hope for Sufferers

There has been a significant breakthrough that could hold out hope for those that suffer from the commonest of male cancers, prostate cancer – the genetic code of prostate cancer has been cracked by scientists, and this could well transform the way the disease is treated.

prostate cancer genetic codeThis will hopefully enable treatments to be prescribed based on the cancer sufferers own “Mutation chart” and the individual defects that are seen in each.

According to lead author, Dr Mike Berger, this is the “transforming moment” in terms of understanding how prostate cancer works.

Meanwhile there is also reason to cheer among those who suffer from cancer of the pancreas, which is one of the rare and deadly kinds of cancer.

New research has held out hope in the form of new drugs that will help to inhibit the development of tumors and help improve the life expectancy of sufferers.

This kind of pancreatic cancer is known as islet cell carcinoma and is less deadly than the more common type of Pancreatic cancer called adenocarcinoma.

Dr. James Yao, head researcher and deputy chair of gastrointestinal medical oncology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center said that the study has met expectations and that this may make a significant difference in treatments.