Testicular Cancer Treatment Methods

There are several testicular cancer treatment methods available for treating this disease.

The dreadful cancer which affects mostly young men is the testicular cancer.

It causes cancer in the male sex organ, the testicle.

Testicle is a part of the male reproductive system which produces the hormone testosterone.

As any other cancer the testicular cancer is a result of abnormal growth of cells. This abnormal behavior of the cells takes place in the male reproductive organ the testicle hence the name testicular cancer.

Normally the testicles move down into the scrotum during development if this is does not happen the problem need to be rectified in childhood itself otherwise this proves to be the major risk of the disease.

The chances of prognosis and the survival rate are really good because the surgery can be performed to remove the affected region of the testicle to stop its further spread. But in spite of this some case reach a very advanced stage due to denial and embarrassment situation faced by the patients.

Early detection makes a very good curable chance. Let us know the causes of testicular cancer, before knowing the various testicular treatment methods.

Causes of Testicular Cancer

The exact causes of testicular cancer are unknown. However, several conditions may increase the risk, including a decided testicle condition called Cryptorchidism, which occurs when the testes do not descend from the abdomen into the scrotum.

This process should take place normally before the male fetus is born or during the first 3 months of infancy. But sometimes this may not happen and in future stands a problem. Therefore this problem needs to be rectified in childhood itself.

Another cause of testicular cancer is supposed to be in. Other condition which happens to prove a threat leading to be a cause of testicular cancer is the Klinefelter syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that affects males. A person with family history of the disease may also be at high risk of developing the disease.

The specific course of testicular cancer treatment will depend on the type of cancer cells involved and whether the cancer has spread beyond the testes. Usually there are four kinds of treatments. They are

Testicular Cancer Treatment with Surgery:

The basic method of testicular cancer treatment is surgery. Almost every person with this disease has to undergo this foremost treatment method. This surgical procedure involves removing one or both testicles through a cut in the groin.

If only one testicle is removed chances are always high that in future testicular cancer may affect the left one too. Therefore regular checkups are a must and should to avoid any further complications. Surgery may be in combination with radiation therapy or chemotherapy or both

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy, which is sometimes used to treat cancer that has spread beyond the testes. The type of radiation therapy used for testicular cancer treatment is the external beam radiation therapy.

Testicular Treatment with Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy to destroy any cancer cells that remain after surgery is another method of testicular cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells outside the testicle. In this the drugs are administered through injection intravenously.

Bone marrow transplant

This relatively new testicular cancer treatment has shown some promising initial results. Though this treatment has given good results it is less often recommended as chemotherapy also serves the purpose, instead this is suggested in very advanced type of testicular cancer cases.