Points to Consider while Conceiving after Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer as the name suggests occur at the cervix and strangely enough it does not show off any symptoms at the initial stages. Later as it develops, you might experience pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding or pain while intercourse.

In most of the cases, the primary cause is the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection; which gets aggravated with associated conditions like weak immune system, sex at young age, smoking, birth control pills, and prophesying too many sexual partners.

The diagnosis is done by a pap test first and then followed by biopsy. In most of the cases it is seen that a woman once diagnosed with cervical cancer can no longer have children post the treatment regime. However, if the cancer is diagnosed at a very early stage, natural pregnancies are possible.

conceiving after cervical cancer

One should consider the below mentioned points to have a healthy pregnancy even after undergoing the treatment of cervical cancer –

Remove it Early

If you have been diagnosed with precancerous cells; i.e if your cancerous cells have been diagnosed at an early stage, you need to remove them, then and there.

There are high possibilities that because only the small amount of cervical tissues have been found infected and don’t even prove that they may lead to cancer, it is feasible enough to remove it just in case. On doing so, it reduces the risk of losing your fertility if by chance it does end up in cancer later on.

Perform a Trachelectomy if it is Possible

Even it is one of the most advanced cases; there are possibilities that your surgeon might be able to perform a trachelectomy. This is a process where a person’s cervix is removed but the uterus is saved due to stitching of the lower part of the uterus.

Preserve an Ovary

During hysterectomy, it is advisable to preserve one or both of your ovaries separately so that it can protect the eggs as well as reduce menopausal symptoms.

This would further give you the opportunity of harvesting your own ova through a surrogate pregnancy. Through surrogate pregnancy another woman is being impregnated with the embryo that is being fertilized by the sperm of your partner outside the uterus.

Take Precautions

Consult your doctor regarding the medication, combinations as well as doses that would minimize the risk of infertility. Thus taking precaution and treatment also helps.

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