Anal Cancer Symptoms

Anal cancer is the cancer of the anus. Cancer as known is a result of abnormal growth of cells in any region or organ of body.

This is as a result of genetic mutation which leads to uncontrolled multiplication of cells and thereby forming tumor accumulating at a place which turns cancerous.

When this process occurs in the anal region it is termed as anal cancer.

The anal cancer symptoms and anal cancer signs are very predictable in some patients and at the same time in few cases there may be no anal cancer symptoms at all thus making it highly impossible to diagnose the disease.

It is known fact that in any type of cancer the sooner the disease diagnosed the better the results of treatment. As the disease advances it responds very less to the treatment and the chances of controlling or curing the disease are low.

Some Common Anal Cancer Symptoms

Anal cancer symptoms and anal cancer signs include:

  • Anal region pain
  • Anal or rectal bleeding
  • A mass or growth in the anus
  • Anal discharge
  • Anal itching
  • A feeling that the anal area is full

In order to prevent the disease from happening it is highly advisable to be aware of all the risk factors which may lead to the dreadful disease. Below are the risk factors which hike the chances of occurrence of the disease.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned anal cancer symptoms it is suggested to avoid these risk factors in order to avoid the occurrence of this disease.

  • As anal cancer is very common among women it is evident that women have a higher risk of anal cancer than do men. Sex plays an important role here.
  • Middle age people of 50 years and above are be it women or men are at high risk of developing the disease.
  • Having many sexual partners may be one of the reasons to develop the disease. Men and women who tend to have many sexual partners are prone to get the disease.
  • Having anal sex may be also one of the risk factor.
  • Quit smoking as this is the major cause for most of the cancers. However it is proved that former smokers have only a little percent of elevated risk of developing anal cancer.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for several types of cancers including anal and cervical cancer. This is a sexually transmitted disease may cause cells in the anus to appear abnormal. These abnormal cells associated with ASIL may develop into anal cancer. Also HIV another form of sexually transmitted disease is also said to increase the risk of developing anal cancer.
  • Immune system may sometimes be suppressed by drugs or medications. People who have received organ transplants are also at high risk of anal cancer. It is proved that prolong use of corticosteroids also provides a high chance of developing anal cancer.

So keeping in mind all the above anal cancer symptoms and anal cancer signs and risk factors one should be very cautious and alert as early detection is the best prevention.