What Are The Benefits Of Fish Oil/Olive Oil In Preventing Cancer?

Fish oil is known to be good for a number of different things, from having a healthy heart to preventing memory loss. Now research is showing that fish oil may also cut risk of developing breast cancer.

It was seen that women who had no history of breast cancer who took fish oil supplements cut their risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 32%. In particular it was invasive ductal breast cancer that risk was seen to reduce for.

olive oilIt is thought that it could be the anti inflammatory properties of fish oil that is responsible for cutting breast cancer risk.

While there is not enough evidence to suggest a routine taking of fish oil for preventing breast cancer, if the supplement is being taken for other reasons, it will likely have this added benefit.

Breast cancers are also thought to benefit from olive oil intake, which according to researchers can help launch an attack on cancerous cells.

The growth of cancer cells can be stunted and they can implode. Olive oil is seen to thwart the gene that promotes breast cancer tumors and can protect DNA from cancer causing damage.

Since it is long term use that can offer this protection, it may make sense to switch to olive oil as a healthier cooking medium.