Is The Esophagus Cancer Treated By Bypass Surgery?

Esophagus cancerEsophagus cancer is common in the world but it occurs only 1% of all other cancers in the United States. The exact cause for this is not known.

The esophagus cancer is found in many people of age 55 years old.

Men are affected twice than the women. The black people are mostly affected than the white.

The excessive usage of alcohol and smoking are the risk factors for cancer development. If you use more tobacco for smoking and more alcohol consumption, then there is higher risk than the non-smokers and those who will not drink.

The symptoms are not caused due to the small tumors. The common symptom of esophagus cancer is difficulty in swallowing. This occurs when the tumors grow in size.

You may feel some pressure and burning when the food passes through esophagus. The esophagus cancer can also cause vomiting, heart burn, indigestion and weight loss.

The other symptoms are hoarseness and coughing. If these symptoms persist, then you are advised to take some tests and x-rays.

Esophagram (barium swallow) means series of esophagus x-rays. This test is conducted by making you to drink the barium solution. The esophagus coated by the barium is shown on x-rays. The shape of esophagus is changed by esophagram.

Fluoroscope is an x-ray machine used to see the movement of barium to the stomach through esophagus when you swallow.

Esophagoscopy is another method in which the anesthesia is sprayed into your throat to avoid gagging and discomfort. A thin, lighted and flexible instrument (endoscope) is passed into the esophagus through the mouth.

By this, the lining of esophagus can be seen by doctor and the place where stomach gets attached with esophagus. Biopsy is done when the abnormal cells appear. Through the scope, the cells are washed or brushed from the esophagus walls.

These samples are examined for the presence of cancer under microscope. If cancer is present then it is treated by the surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Esophagectomy surgery is done to treat the esophageal cancer. The tumor along with other tissue, lymph nodes and the small esophagus portion is removed. The esophagus is replaced by another tissue taken from the digestive tract to form a passage to the stomach from throat.

A bypass surgery is done when the tumor is blocked in esophagus. Now-a-days, laser treatment is given in order to destroy the cancer cells and for blockage relief.

Radiation therapy is done by the use of high energy radiations to kill the cancer cells. The remaining tumors that are left after surgery are destroyed by these radiations of x-rays.

Chemotherapy is done by using the anti-cancer drugs that are given orally or in the form of injections through veins to kill the tumors. The chemotherapy with radiation therapy is used to kill or shrink the tumors left after surgery.

So, you know the esophagus cancer can be treated by surgery that includes different operations like bypass surgery.