10 Brain Cancer Signs and Symptoms in Women

Brain cancer is one of the most dreaded forms of cancer developed usually by the growth of a tumor in the brain of the patient.

Women of any age can develop brain cancer and their symptoms vary depending on the type of brain tumor that exists and its location.

Diagnosing brain cancer in the early stages is the key to its treatment. So here are 10 brain cancer signs and symptoms in women which can hint towards timely attention.

Brain Cancer Signs and Symptoms in Women


Though headaches are a common occurrence in a normal person’s life, in brain cancer patients it is a diagnostic feature. As the brain tumor is developing, the headaches get worse. In case of a brain tumor, headaches occur just after waking from sleep. As time passes, it might transform as seizures.

Difficulty in Concentrating

Women who have brain cancer very often suffer from loss of memory and have a tough time trying to concentrate and communicate. Problem solving is another area which they cannot seem to be able to do.


Physical activity is often accompanied by clumsiness. Stumbling, tripping and involuntary twitching of muscles are indicative of the incoherence in their balancing mechanism. In later stages, numbness, weakness and even paralysis of limbs is seen as a sign of brain cancer.

Speech Problems

Incoherent speech and even sentences that make no sense is also a sign of brain cancer in women.  She may not even realize this sign herself. She may also face difficulty in understanding what other people are saying and could also suffer partial loss of hearing.

Nausea and Vomiting

This is one of the main brain cancer signs and symptoms in women. Food intake causes heaviness in the stomach and results in nausea and vomiting. Even on an empty stomach she might experience dry heaves.

Uncontrolled Eye Movements

Brain tumors can lead to damage to the eyes and the optic nerves, resulting in involuntary rolling movements of the eye balls. Sometimes their function may also be impaired and the effects can be irreversible.

Mental Disturbances

Because of imbalances in the chemical compositions of the brain, the woman suffering from brain cancer may suffer from psychiatric conditions such as depression and even behavioral problems.

Bloating in the Head

Heaviness in the head is a very common symptom among women with brain cancer, due to the growing size of the tumor. Persistent bloating is a sure sign of brain cancer and needs immediate medical attention.

Weight Loss

Sudden and continuous weight loss is a characteristic of most cancers. If a woman is losing about 5 kilos per month without any reason, then it is a matter of concern. Immediate medical attention and proper investigation must be sought as this may be confused as a symptom of other conditions such as hyperthyroidism or tuberculosis.

Profuse Sweating

Night sweats are a characteristic sign of cancer and accompanied by fever and chills. This must neither be neglected nor misdiagnosed as time is a precious factor in the treatment of brain cancer.