Know about the Types of Brain Cancer

Man has reached Mars, but is still struggling to find a cure for the life taking disease cancer. The word Cancer brings down a cold shiver through your spine and if any one very close to you is diagnosed with cancer, the world just seems to shatter. To understand the disease in depth, it is very important to know a few facts about Cancer.

Cancer can be detected in any parts of your body and among all, brain cancer is considered to be the most fatal. There are different types of brain cancer that are pre-dominant among humans and below given is the list of the same.

know about the types of brain cancer


This is the most common type of brain cancer found among both adults and children. They generally develop in the cerebrum and sometimes can also be identified in the cerebellum. The cells of astrocytes give support to the neurons. This type of brain cancer can spread very rapidly or may have slower growth. It often causes changes in behaviour or seizures.


This cancer is detected in olgiodendrocytes which are glial cells that are responsible to increase impulse speed. It is generally more visible among the age group of 40-64. Out of every 100 brain tumors 3 are oligodendrogliomas. It arises in those cells that make the outer layer that protects nerves. They generally grow at a slower rate, but may also multiply at a faster rate, although such cases are rare.


This is more prevalent among children, but can be also be detected among adults. It develops in the ependymal cells where the cerebrospinal fluid is produced and also stored. It is found in the spinal cord, ventricle linings and areas close to the cerebellum. The affected cells fail to repair any damaged nerve tissue. These cancerous cells may also spread to the other parts of the nervous system as the affected fluid circulates in the spinal cord and in around the brain.


25% of cancers in adults are categorised as a meningioma. This type of cancer mainly occurs among adults and that too among women. The tissues that cover the brain are affected by meningiomas. This cancer is benign and can be removed through surgery. As meningioma develops at a faster rate, there is a high chance that it may come back. So after radiotherapy is very essential.


It is a very common form of cancer in children. It arises in a specific point inside the skull which has cerebellum and brainstem. Medullsblastomas arises in the posterior fossa.

All cancers are not malignant and if detected at earlier stage can be cured to a great extent.