German Invention – The Scalpel Detecting And Removing Cancer Cells

surgeryOne of the major drawbacks of the surgical removal of cancerous tissues and tumor is the destruction of health cells and tissues.

There is not much that can be done about it as human precision has its own limits, if only there was software or a program which enabled the scalpel to identify healthy tissues and not harm it.

This wishful thinking is exactly what has lead to a fantastic German invention which minimizes the damage to healthy tissues during surgical removal of cancerous tissues.

This “smart scalpel” uses the sensor technology to help make surgical work almost perfect. This electro-scalpel uses sensor technology to sense the healthy tissues around the tumor.

It also keeps track of the unhealthy tissue to be removed. It lets the surgeon know if he is harming the healthy tissue and also if unhealthy tissue is still around.

This allows the surgeon to remove all the unhealthy cells, leaving nothing behind. At the same time this scalpel does not let him cut away healthy cells.

This high tech scalpel works on the principle that the chemical formation of healthy cells is different from unhealthy cells. As the surgeons cauterize the tissues, the surgical smoke emitted is sucked in and analyzed with the help of a mass spectrometer. The spectrometer identifies the kind of tissues being cut.

All this happens in split seconds, making the technology relevant as the information is received in real time. This helps the surgeon to know the kind of tissue he is removing.

Armed with this information, the surgeon can completely remove any cancerous tissue without doing harm to the healthy tissues around.

The complete removal of malignant tissue means a healthy and better recovery for the patient. This would mean a better regenerating response from the patients with cancer tumors or lumps.

This technique has been under research for sometime and the German scientists have had a great breakthrough, which brings the whole world closer to safer and more effective surgery.

The tool has proved effective in animal studies and is now on its way to clinical trials on humans.

This electro-scalpel in the hands of surgeons makes their life easier and also improves the chances of a patient undergoing surgery for the removal of unhealthy tissues and tumors.

The success and advancement of such technology will lead to safer and more complete surgeries, proving to be great friend for the surgeons and a real chance for cancer patients with tumors very hard to remove.