Aspirin A Day May Avoid Some Cancers

aspirinThe benefits of taking aspirin are widely known, although the possible side effects has meant that people are ill advised to take one every day, unless they are at a great risk from a heart attack.

Now it seems that for those in their mid-forties it could prevent some cancers.

Over eighty thousand men and women are affected by breast and bowel cancer in the UK every year, and past research has indicated that aspirin could help prevent this. The organization, Cancer Research UK is hoping that this could be true for cancer of the gullet.

The science suggests that particular proteins found in the body, that are susceptible to becoming inflamed are prevented from doing this by the ingredients of aspirin.

By taking the drug for a ten year period, during early middle age, it could create enough immunity by the time the person comes into the vulnerable sixties.

While warning that the side effects, of ulcers and bleeding in the stomach, still need to be addressed, Prof Jack Cuzick strongly believes it can make a big difference. This means that the population, at risk from strokes or heart attacks, who are regularly taking aspirin, will already be protected.

The fact that cancer of the gullet has a very low survival rates, is a big factor. Trying to find out more about how to treat the disease is crucial.

Several studies done in recent years indicate that aspirin combined with medicines that are proton pump inhibitors, could mean that any risk from stomach bleeds could be greatly reduced.