Cancer Patients Better Off Dying At Home

A study has seen that it is better for cancer patients to die at home, since they will pass away more peacefully. Also this was seen to be better, emotionally speaking, for the caregivers who care for them according to a new report.

cancer patientA study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology stated that those cancer patients who died in hospitals and intensive care units experienced more emotional and physical pain, and reported a worse quality of life than those who died at home.

According to Dr. Alexi Wright of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and colleagues, patients should be aware of how more aggressive treatments could affect the quality of life of cancer sufferers as well as that of those who survive them after death. This may help many people make different and more informed choices.

The study examined terminal patients with cancer, most of whom would have preferred to die at home, but many of whom ultimately die in hospital and ICU.

When people die in hospital, particularly in ICU, their caregivers are 5 times more likely to be diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, it was found in the study. The survivors were also more likely to suffer a long grieving period, lasting 6 months, which may be more disabling.