Does Daily Intake Of Calcium Reduce Cancer Risk?

Several studies have inferred that people consuming diary products and calcium in large amounts have almost a 16 percent reduced risk of developing colorectal cancer. These studies have given rise to a multitude of debates on figuring out calcium’s potential to fight carcinogenic growth in the human body.

In women, calcium intake has reported to reduce the risk of overall cancerous development. Some studies have looked at the association between calcium and diary product intake with cancer in more than 200,000 men and women each aged 50 years and above.

They were asked to complete a survey form which had questions related to the quantity and frequency of their individual diary products and calcium intake.

Their answers lead to the researchers concluding that those who consumed more than 1,500 mg of calcium on an everyday basis had a reduced risk of cancer of almost 17 percent, as compared to those who has less than 500 mg intake of calcium; whereas among women, the risk had drooped down by a whooping 24 percent.

The Women’s Health Initiative drive in 2006, however found no confirmation of the hypothesis that calcium acts as a catalyst in preventing cancer and that Vitamin D could be a pivotal player in prevention of cancer.

This has however, been contrasted by one of the main investigators in preventive medicine, Mr. Joann Manson saying that intake of calcium has a relationship to reduced incidents of pre-cancerous colon polyps.