Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Childhood Cancer Survivor

A well-planned healthy lifestyle can help to reduce potential health risks associated to those who have undergone cancer treatment in childhood. Metabolic syndrome is a major risk linked with childhood cancer survivors. If they don’t follow a careful healthy diet and lifestyle, there are at a high risk of developing heart related and other issues. Given below are some major points to be remembered by childhood cancer survivors to avoid health risks in future.

healthy lifestyle tips for childhood cancer survivor

Be Aware of the Future Risks Associated with Chemotherapy

There are multiple risks linked with chemotherapy session done in childhood. It can develop some potential `organ dysfunctions depending on which body part received radiation. For instance, girls who received chest radiation in childhood must undergo mammography tests earlier than usual as they are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Beware of the Future Side Effects and Opt for Respective Precautions

Due to the heavy medical dosages administered in childhood, the cancer survivors may face some severe side effects. People who are treated with alkylating agents can develop a series of diseases in future. Childhood cancer survivors can have the risk of congestive heart failure, thus go for cardiologist visits at least once a year.

In case of boys- low or no sperm count and in girl’s early menopause, sometimes ovarian failure is also seen who have undergone cancer treatment in childhood. A semen analysis and thorough check-up of reproductive organs should be done before any family planning is done.

Develop Healthy Lifestyle

Childhood cancer survivors need to be educated by the healthcare professionals regarding the importance of healthy lifestyle changes. Prohibit from developing unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. While cancer is a potential risk for smokers, those who are cancer survivors as children may develop this far earlier than others.

Follow a Healthy Diet

It is very important to keep your body weight at check all the time and thus it is important to follow a diet which is loaded with fresh vegetables, fruits, fibrous food items and good proteins. You need to control your intake of meats, fried stuff, and fatty food items to control the cholesterol levels. Regular physical activity to maintain bodyweight is also very important. This not only helps to keep your weight in control, but also improves blood circulation and fitness of your body.

Follow Tests and Screenings at Regular Intervals

The various tests and screenings recommended post cancer treatment need to be followed diligently. This not only helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also aids to identify and treat any health issues at the occurrence itself. Especially the specific screenings recommended by doctors are absolutely necessary to be done at the recommended intervals.