Identify Early Stomach Cancer Symptoms

For many, stomach cancer doesn’t show any specific symptoms in early stages. It is therefore very important to understand and recognize stomach cancer symptoms and the discomfort which can be experienced in later stages.

Here are the most common stomach cancer symptoms. Often, these symptoms will be caused by the presence of other illnesses in your body.

Unexpected or sudden weight loss
If you feel that you have lost healthy pounds for no reason, immediately consult your general physician and undergo physical and biological exams to identify whether there is any abnormality in your body. Sudden loss of healthy body weight may indicate the presence of stomach cancer, but it can also be caused by other abnormal functioning of your body organs.

Loss of appetite
Have you lost interest in healthy foods? Feeling this way is generally acceptable for a day or two, but if the feeling persists for more than a couple of days, you should immediately see your doctor. Loss of appetite is one of the most common stomach cancer symptoms.

Abdominal pain and heartburn
If you have stomach cancer, you will certainly experience this symptom. Abdominal pain that is related to stomach cancer can range from mild discomfort to severe pain. Heartburn is one of the earliest stomach cancer symptoms. Many people ignore abdominal pain and heartburn and fail to get proper treatment to their detriment.

Blood in stool
One of the earliest stomach cancer symptoms, this is referred to as microscopic internal bleeding and is usually diagnosed by tests that check your stool for blood. You may also feel tired, if loss of blood or bleeding involves the excess of healthy red blood cells.

Apart from these, common stomach cancer symptoms include vomiting blood, feeling full or bloated even after small meals, as well as discomfort in the stomach area. If you notice these particular stomach cancer symptoms, immediately consult your personal healthcare provider for medical assistance.