Taking Care of Eating Habits after Chemo

Difficulties in eating and digesting food are very common in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. It is important to follow a healthy eating pattern as per the doctor’s advice after chemo. There are many symptoms that may occur during or after chemotherapy section in cancer patients, and these may include fever, pain, fatigue and many more. It is significant to understand these symptoms and develop healthy habits to overcome the severity of these conditions. Given below are the major symptoms and dietary precautions to beat those:

taking care of eating habits after chemo

Anorexia or Lack of Appetite

This condition is typical after chemo sections and you need to deliberately try and eat healthy during this time. It is advisable to take at least 5 or 6 meals during the day instead of the 3 main meals. This way you can keep yourself active and try diverse food items to have interest in food. You can have some snack handy throughout the day, while including high calorie protein foods like fortified milkshakes, casseroles and snacks with peanut butter. It is important to maintain good dental care practices as you may feel dryness in the mouth.

Diet to Beat Vomiting/Nausea

Nausea is another common symptom associated with chemotherapy and it is essential to follow a good diet plan to overcome this. It is best to have small meals or snacking throughout the day. Washing mouth with lemon water after each meal and sucking on mint or ice cubes help to beat nausea. It is advisable to avoid strong flavoured spicy food, all beverages with meals, and fatty, fried and sugary foods. You also need to avoid lying down immediately after eating and quick drinking and eating as well.

Food Tips for Diarrhoea

In order to avoid diarrhoea patients need to avoid certain food items like all types of rich fatty foods, fried stuff, highly fibrous fruits, heavy desserts and nuts & dry fruits. It is advisable to include food items with high amount of potassium and sodium in your diet. Beverages are best to be avoided including caffeine and milk products. Try to consume more of good soluble fibrous food items.

Good Mouth Care

Good mouth care is significant to maintain a healthy diet while undergoing chemotherapy. Always keep your mouth lubricated with olive oil or vegetable oil and use salt water to rinse and clean the mouth. Chewing on hard mint or lemon candies help to maintain the mouth fresh and clean.

While undergoing the chemotherapy you are bound to have a series of health issues. However you need to consult your physician prior to any change in your usual diet routine.