Can Males Encounter Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer in women is a common phenomenon and people are very well aware of its symptoms and treatment now. A lot of awareness campaigns are organized every day around the world to create alertness about breast cancer in women. But breast cancer in males is often ignored.

Breast cancer is a deadly tumor which basically starts from breast cells. After originating from the cells it starts spreading into the tissues and surrounding cells. Breast tissues of a woman and a man are same before the age of puberty. These tissues tend to grow in women after the age of 14 but not in men.

Breast cancer in men is supposed to be equally severe as women. But it is diagnosed late in men as compared to women. The chances of a man getting breast cancer are very rare under the age of 35. Since the breast tissues are not developed. The chances of acquiring breast cancer increase with age in males and it is between 60 and 70.

Can Males Encounter Breast Cancer?

Reasons for males acquiring breast cancer can be

  • Having a close female relative with breast cancer
  • Breast enlargement due to hormonal changes caused by consuming drugs and medicines
  • Exposure to selective harmful radiations
  • Serious diseases in liver
  • Consuming estrogens in form of medicine or drugs

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are very similar to those seen in women. It is often diagnosed by a lump in the chest. Often men ignore these symptoms and hesitate in going to the doctor until noticing even more severe symptoms like bleeding nipples and intense chest pain. These are the signs of cancer spreading through your body. Early detection of symptoms can prevent death from the disease.

Diagnosis Techniques

The diagnosis techniques are same as done for women, like physical exams, mammography, and biopsies such as examining the small tissue samples under a microscope.

There is also a thing called genetic testing. Any man diagnosed with breast cancer must immediately consult a genetic doctor or counselor. If detected with a defective gene then there can be chances of future generations getting that defective gene.

Treatment methods

Treatment of breast cancer in males follows same methods as that in females. It is difficult for doctors to study cancer in males because the treatment techniques come with experience. Every doctor can have their own sequence of treatments.

The major treatment techniques as followed by doctors depending on the stage of cancer are:

– Surgery

– Radiation therapy

– Hormone therapy

– Chemotherapy

– Bone-directed therapy

– Tissue targeted theory

All the details regarding the therapy must be discussed in detail before the commencement of any type of treatment. All the side effects and end results of the treatment must be discussed thoroughly. You must not hesitate before asking any question to the doctor regarding treatment methods.

You must decide between taking local and systematic treatments. Local treatments include surgery and radiation methods and systematic treatments include chemotherapy sessions.

Alternate methods

There are alternate methods as well which can be adapted along-side regular methods to treat the symptoms at liner stage. These methods include consumption of vitamins and other supplements, acupuncture and following special diets for health improvements.


Bottom line is that breast cancer in males is not as rare as it seems. If diagnosed it must be treated immediately as it can be a dangerous and a life-taking matter.