Is Mammogram Effective For Breast Cancer Detection?

Breast Cance DetectionsIf you are woman with the problem of breast cancer, you can cure it by early detection.

For breast cancer detection, three things are important:

  • Let the doctor check your breast
  • By having regular mammograms.
  • Check your breasts every month by yourself

By doing these things, you can find out the cancer as early as possible. You can treat the breast cancer if you find out the cancer as early as possible. Out of 100 women, 90 women whose breast cancer is found early will be cured.

A mammogram is the most effective way for breast cancer detection as early as possible, up to 2 years before the lump is large to feel. Mammogram is a kind of x-ray for checking your beast.

As the cancer is denser than the other parts of the breast, mammogram can be used to detect the cancer. A radiologist can find out the cancer or breast problems by looking at the x-rays.

A mammogram is performed by slowly pressing the x-ray against your breast until you feel some pressure. The pressure is used for taking a better x-ray. It may take less than 20 minutes to complete this process. It will be uncomfortable and your breast can tender less at this time.

Women about 40 years with family history of breast cancer should get mammogram done every 1 to 2 years. But your doctor may advice to have mammogram very often.

You need to check your breasts every month beginning at about age 20. Check your breasts after your period when they aren’t sore. Incase of irregular periods check your breasts at the same time every month.

To check for lumps stand in front of the mirror. Now look at your breasts with your arms at your side, your chest muscles flexed, with your arms raised behind your head and with your arms on your hips.

Next, lie down on a pillow by placing your left hand below the head. Feel your left breast with the 3 pads of the right hand middle fingers. Move your hand around the breast in circle getting closer to the nipple at each time.

After you finish doing this, squeeze the nipple for any liquid and look for the discharge. Follow the same procedure for your right breast by placing the pillow under right shoulder.

Make sure to include the area up to your armpit and collarbone. In this area, you can find the lymph nodes. Lymph node tissue can be affected by cancer.

The changes that can be looked in your breast are:

  • The breast thickness is unusual
  • The size of one breast is increased unusually
  • One breast is lower than the other breast
  • If there is any new lump (which may or may not be painful or tender)
  • Any changes in the skin of your breasts or nipples, such as dimpling or puckering

So, you can use the mammogram for effective breast cancer detection.