Brewer’s Yeast – Fearsome Enemy Of Cancer Cells

When a team of scientists from Charles R. Drew University have declared that they investigate the promising effects resulted from exposing cancer cells to brewer’s yeast inside the lab experiments, the world stopped and wondered how was that possible.

The first associations between the brewer’s yeast and cancer have appeared 20 years ago when Doctor Mamdooh Ghoneum started his research having as base the theory according to which the cancer cells self-destruct in the moment they are exposed to small quantities of brewer’s yeast.

The lab tests have proven as clearly as possible during the experiments that the cancer cells have been destroyed after being exposed to yeast.

Since then the quest for explaining the reason and the process has been under the science’s microscope.

The first experiment has been done in vitro by simply introducing the brewer’s yeast in the same environment with the cancer cells harvested from patients suffering from skin cancer, breast cancer and oral cancer.

The next stage introduced lab rats which were used for injecting the yeast directly into the cancer cells. After this procedure, a significant decrease in the cancer cells mass has occurred to the lab rats used for the experiment.

The most recent studies concluded that the brewer’s yeast is also very efficient in destructing the cancer cells from liver metastasis, the procedure showing very promising results.

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The process observed inside the lab has concluded that when cancer cells come in contact and try to consume the yeast they die being completely destroyed.

After that they are eliminated by the body in a very short time. The next step of the study needs to establish a dosage for the treatment with yeast and also the development of a treatment strategy.

Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum is very appreciated for his revolutionary natural treatments for cancer. His researches have been taken, continued and used by many scientists all over the world and his work was followed and published by many medical publications.

His results in brewer’s yeast cancer treatment were confirmed by the National Institute for Health that has obtained the same results while studying this matter.

It seems that nature in all its forms, including the ones which may seem insignificant at the first glance, has the power to amaze and offer unexpected cures for the most terrible disease human society is experiencing during the modern times.

Could this be the nature’s way of showing us we are important and treasured in its heart?

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