17 Ways To Reduce Cancer Hazards

Making simple lifestyle and diet changes can save your life

Although medical science is developing rapidly and bio-scientists are diagnosing almost every foreign disease and getting them cured, cancer is still incurable.

It is fatal, but what we can do is just avoid this ailment by making few changes in our lifestyle. Checkout, which are the best ways to reduce substantial risks of cancer:

avoid smoking1. Avoid smoking

smoking is one of the most perilous habits, which can lead you to different sorts of cancer including lung cancer, throat cancer and many other more.

If you are serious about your health and diminishing cancer risks, stop smoking as soon as possible.

It is even said that smoking one cigarette can decrease your lifetime by one minute. So imagine how many minutes have already been cut down from your life after you have smoked several packs a week .

So the next time you see someone smoking just tell that person, “Hey, stop using cancer sticks!

2. Moderate Sunbathing

Nevertheless, vitamin D is important to reduce cancerous risks and sunlight lets us enjoy a good dose of this vitamin. However, too much of sun exposure is also hazardous, as it leads to severe skin burns that can cause cancer.

Because tanning has become one of the favorite pastimes of socialized individuals, the occurrence of skin cancer has become more and more predominant nowadays.

When exposing yourself outdoors during broad daylight, it is best that you use lotions with the recommended degree of SPF or sun protection factor so as to prevent harmful rays from penetrating deep into your skin.

no alcohol3. No alcohol

Alcohol increases the chances of developing breast cancer. In accordance with a medical research, one to two of alcoholic drinks a day increase the risk of cancer by 32% while more than three drinks a day make it 51%.

Although it is well established by theory that alcohol can be necessary to carry out some of the body’s daily processes, still only a small amount of it is recommended. Don’t binge, just drink moderately.

4. Distances from Microwave

Home appliances have brought too much comfort for us but these are perilous as well.  Standing in front of microwave once in a while is not too dangerous, but your addiction to this can damage your DNA and increase cancer risks.

5. Lazy dog lost the race

It was not just that lazy dog that lost the race from the quick brown fox; laziness can kill any one. In accordance with experts, non-activeness of the body makes one very prone to cancer, as it is one of the major reasons for extra pounds of the body that work in numerous ways to increase the cancer risk. Laziness can bring hazards of colon cancer and breast cancer.

6. Assessment of your workplace

Does your work job deal with chemicals, field works or woodcrafts? If yes then you must take proper precautions by wearing proactive masks and gloves. If your workplace is enclosed, you can checkout for proper ventilation.

People who work as a laundry person, painter and carpenter should take advanced measures to diminish the risk, as their jobs are considered at greater risk for cancer.

passive smoking7. Avoid passive smoking

Yes, you don’t smoke but your friends do. They are sponsoring cancer not only for themselves but also for you.

A smoke breath enhances the risk of lung cancer including cancers of the mouth, stomach, pancreas, liver, kidney, bladders and many other fatal outcomes.

You must avoid passive exposure to cigarette smokes. A shocking research done on ‘harms of cigarette smoking’ says that people, who smoke regularly, gifts incurable cardiovascular diseases to their spouse.

8. Make sure that your water is pure

Get your water tested and read the regular reports provided by the town municipality on the purity of drinking water in your area to know whether it is up to the mark or not.

9.Limited consumption of red-meat

Though, white-meat is suggested for good health, red-meat has adverse effects. If you are consuming red-meat more than two days a week, you can be linked with diseases such as colon cancer.

vegetables10. Eat organic colors

Colorful vegetables and leaves are very effective in reducing cancer risks, as red colored spices and vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes, white colored onions and garlic, blue berries and plums, yellow colored peppers and sweet potatoes, green peas and broccolis are considered very good for your health.Health foods need not spell expensive. Purchasing your groceries through Sainsburys Coupons not only safeguards your health but also saves on your monthly grocery bill.

But one must avoid eating artificial food colors as they work otherwise.

11. Stop eating overcooked meats and high-temperature cooked meats

Charred meats are cancer backers. According to cancer specialists, overcooked and high-temperature cooked meats produce chemicals, which are very cancerous.

organic foods12. Pesticide residues should be avoided

Washing, peeling and removing the outermost parts of leafy vegetables reduces exposure to pesticides.

It is always better to buy organic foods, as these are produced without using pesticides.

Corn and strawberries, which are organically grown, contains significantly higher levels of antioxidants; these antioxidants are supposed to be more active cancer fighters than antioxidants that are available in conventionally grown foods [cancer fighting foods]. This fact is supported by a study published in the ‘Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.’Use of antioxidant supplements can also augment the daily intake. Holland & Barrett promotions provide discount vouchers for purchase of vitamin supplements.

13. Opt for safe sex

If you are opting for a safe and loyal sex, you are not increasing your life but also that of your partner. In fact, women who have more partners are more prone to cancer.

With larger number of partners, a woman has to face greater risks of herpes that causes cervical cancer. Hence, a secured sex reduces risks of HIV as well as cancer.

14. Frequent X-rays should be avoided

Your doctors and dentists ask for x-rays on every check-up, next time you inform them that you do not want to go for x-rays unless they are a must. Instead of going for unnecessary x-rays, you can show the copy of your most recent x-ray report to your medical advisors.

fish consumption15. Eat fish but choose wisely

Fish consumption is good for your health; due to the adequate presence of omega-3 fatty acids, they are supposed to be the best diet for a healthy heart, perfect eye-sight and shiny hairs.

They also work nicely in decreasing hazards of cancer but the most important thing to do is making a wise selection of eatable fish.

Before buying fish you should make sure that the fish you are going to buy is not a polluted water fish. Polluted water fishes generally accumulate dangerous chemicals inside them. Doctors also suggest for a limited intake of fatty fish such as carp, catfish, bash, shark, etc.

16. Lesser intake of salt

To follow a healthy diet plan, you should not ingest more than 6 grams of salt. Numerous medical studies clarify that an increased intake of salt doubles the risk of stomach cancer.

17. Say ‘No’ to junk food

Nevertheless, junk foods are tastier and easily available but nowadays it has become the biggest supporter of cancer. Stuffed with loads of fat, these eatables increase the level of cholesterol in your body and invite obesity, which is believed to be the mother of cancer.

By following all of these guidelines, you are doing yourself a favor to lessen your risk and exposure from harmful elements that can lead to cancer. This disease is life threatening, but you can employ lots of measures to prevent it from even happening.

A stairlift might help you stay independent after you went through cancer.

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