Simple Ways For Women To Avoid Cancer

Do you know making simple lifestyle changes can help women reduce chances of cancer? With the increase in the rate of cancer patients, especially women, it is not predictable that who can get cancer. So, it becomes very essential for you to adopt few changes in your lifestyle to avoid cancer in all possible ways.

However, most of you are aware of few common ways to avoid cancer like quit smoking, limit alcohol, lose weight, etc. but there are even more ways that you have to consider avoiding cancer.

Use sun screen lotion every day

Being a woman, you will definitely take care of your skin as a part of your beauty care. So, whether it is summer, spring or winter, make a habit of applying sunscreen lotion to all exposed parts of your skin to prevent skin cancer.

Eat healthy food

Many studies show that lack of healthy, nutritious food is the main reason for women to experience all kinds of diseases including cancer. Try to eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Include at least 5 types of cancer fighting fruits &veggies

There are fruits and vegetables that have excellent cancer fighting properties like broccoli and berries that can enhance the DNA repairing in your body cells. So, be sure to include at least 5 of those particular cancer fighting fruits and vegetables in your routine diet.

Get good night sleep

Many of you don’t believe that sleep is linked with cancer. But, many studies have shown that people who lack good sleep are more prone to die with cancer. So, ensure that you get good night sleep for at least 7 hours.