Breast Cancer Survivor, Statistics and Support!

Breast Cancer SurvivorYou may or may not be a breast cancer survivor to read this short passage.

If you are a breast cancer patient, then good news falls your way.

Many breast cancer support groups do exist which offers you a helping hand for your treatments and better living.

Information on how to overcome the disease by involving in various activities to become a breast cancer survivor is also described in short.

All breast cancer survivors! You can help other women who are currently fighting against breast cancer by sharing your tips and advice to help them live better.

If you are free from breast cancer, then there is a piece of advice for you too which says “Be Humans” and help the needful to survive the dreadful disease. This is to let you know that breast cancer support groups take charity from all you willing and blessed people and puts the resources in a rightful way to help the needy. “Survivors need friends to mend their wings!”

For breast cancer survivors, there are various sites and organizations serving and helping to reclaim a positive body image and healthy lifestyle. You can involve in various activities such as an online chat room for breast cancer survivors, include your photograph in the gallery for the breast cancer survivors. Yes sounds a bit interesting right! All this can be done on a website just sitting relaxed at your home. Surprised to know this! Check this out.

Everyone would love to have more Survivor stories! These accounts are the first things new patients look for when coming to terms with their diagnosis. So if you are a breast cancer survivor, put your story on the net to help people give a hope of living.

Though the effect of exercise on breast cancer survival is not known there is enough evidence for a breast cancer survivor to expect to decrease the risk or chances of the disease to recur.

So, if you are on a look for Breast cancer support, here’s something in short for you. First of all note that you are not alone, you have various websites giving information on support groups. Yes! You just need to surf. Read inspiring stories from other survivors too. Just give your general details like

  • Where are you from
  • Your Surgery date
  • 1st Chemo treatment
  • 1st Radiation treatment
  • Birthdate

This is all you have to do to have a help from the support groups. The help may be in any form, in your treatment, in your food habit, in your day to day activities, motto being helping you for a better living.

Breast cancer statistics may vary depending on the person’s health, stage of the disease and other reasons. As you know, Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women today (after lung cancer) and is the most common cancer among women.