Cancer Prevention Methods

It is best to know the cancer prevention methods as prevention is always better than cure.

Cancer is a term given to a group of diseases that vary in location and type and prognosis as well.

These diseases are formed as a result of uncontrolled and rapid cell reproduction.

Rather than multiplying in a controlled and regular fashion the cells start dividing abnormally.

This cell multiplication and division takes place until all the malignant cells get accumulated at a point to form a tumor or a lump. Before knowing the cancer prevention methods, let us gain some knowledge on Metastasis.

Metastasis is defined as the stage in which cancer cells are transported through the bloodstream or lymphatic system. The treatment methods opted for this type of disease are rather the best methods of curing the disease. However, the disease at this stage gives very low prognosis.

The metastasis cancer cells resemble the cancer cells of that part from which they have originated and migrated through the blood stream. Fact is that this type of disease may affect people at all ages, but risk tends to increase with age, due to the fact that DNA damage becomes more apparent in aging DNA. The occurrence of the disease is correlated with the damage that is caused to DNA in the process of aging.

Many mutation events may be required to transform a normal cell into a malignant cell. Mutations are caused by chemical agents or the carcinogens which lead to this disease. Mutations are transforable meaning they are carried out from one generation to the next.

Some Useful Cancer Prevention Methods

The measures taken to cut down the risk factors of developing the disease are the cancer prevention techniques. They help to decrease or lower the incidence of developing this disease.

Yes, this can be achieved either by avoiding the carcinogens or the chemical agents which are responsible for causing this disease or breaking down they metabolism. (Cancer Prevention Diet)

Another way is to develop a life style which is most resistant to the disease including the change in work environment, taking healthy diet, quit smoking, avoid smoking, no alcohol, regular exercise, building the overall immune system to fight against this disease. (Cancer Prevention with Healthy Lifestyle)

Medical approach of cancer prevention from happening is that take chemoprevention or fast treatment for pre-malignant lesions not allowing them to turn cancerous.

Alcohol consumption, smoking are the major risk factors for many of the cancers so in order to prevent those cancers from happening individuals should concentrate and avoid these risk factors.

Excess fat and overweight is always a threat for different cancers and other health related problems and disorders like diabetes, heart attack, blood pressure etc. So obviously in order to be away from all these problems and aim cancer prevention, it’s well and good to be slim and fit.

The lifestyle and environmental factors known to affect the risk include certain sexually transmitted diseases, the use of exogenous hormones. Also the exposure to ionizing radiation and ultraviolet radiation stand a high risk for developing this disease in the future years.

So cancer prevention steps also include avoiding all these hazardous risk factors. Many occupational and chemical exposures and infectious agents are also the causative agents of cancer.

Building a strong immune system is a best cancer prevention option and always helps individual to fight against cancer or for that matter any kind of disease or disorder.

The cancer survivors are a good example to show how one can get rid and stand strong against the disease with a strong immune system built by following a proper diet and maintaining a good life style.